Blake Masters Wants to Privatize Arizona’s Water Supply

For Immediate Release
Thursday, October 6, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

 Blake Masters Wants to Privatize Arizona’s Water Supply 

PHOENIX — Just now during the Arizona U.S. Senate debate, Blake Masters tried to dodge questions about his plan to turn over control of Arizona’s already endangered water supply to private companies.
Let’s set the record straight: Black Masters has said he plans to privatize Arizona’s water supply — handing over control of our most endangered resource to profit-driven companies.  
Why it matters: Arizona is suffering from record drought and Masters’ disastrous plan to put control of our water source into the hands of private companies is a risk Arizonans can’t afford.

See for yourself: 

  • Salon: Blake Masters, a mini Trump, has a plan to privatize (almost) everything everywhere
  • Would you support the transferring of water resources to private ownership?” a voter asked Masters two weeks ago during a campaign event in Sedona, Arizona. “In general, yes,” Masters responded, because “the state can’t do it and you don’t want the government doing a lot of this stuff.”
  • Back in 2017, The Washington Post reported that states that offload their publicly-owned water infrastructure to private corporations tend to see rate hikes for customers…
  • And that’s just pricing. Public Citizen, another consumer rights group, found that privatization leads to worse water quality, job losses, over-extraction, and corruption.


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