Blake Masters Quotes Nazi Leaders in Unearthed Essay

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Thursday, April 28, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,
Blake Masters Quotes Nazi Leaders in Unearthed Essay

PHOENIX — Today, new reporting by Jewish Insider reveals Blake Masters’ longstanding habit of espousing “starkly worded provocations” — including quoting Nazi leaders and citing antisemitic conspiracy theorists:

In 2006, Masters penned an article for an obscure libertarian publication in which he referenced a “poignant quotation” from Nazi leader Hermann Goering, while citing a noted conspiracy theorist who has suggested that an infamous antisemitic tract “accurately” describes “much of what is happening in our world.”

Already in this primary, Masters has become known for sharing “divisive views that, however authentic, seem designed to stir outrage” such as his hope to receive an endorsement from known antisemite Marjorie Taylor Greene and his admiration for the Unabomber’s deadly manifesto

What’s more: Despite its reprehensible content, Masters stands by his article to this day: 

Masters had no response when asked to explain his decision to include the Goering quotation, nor did he directly address a question about Griffin’s alleged antisemitic statements.
Masters now describes himself as a former libertarian who is fully supportive of Trump’s agenda, but at the time of the essay, he appears to have been deeply embroiled in libertarian thought. The essay’s brash rhetoric and somewhat paranoid insinuations, however, are reminiscent of his current approach, though he now appears to have shied away from Nazi allusions. 

Of note: Even before Masters’ “tendentious essay” was unearthed, Arizona Jewish community leaders were less than impressed with his candidacy, characterizing him as “an extremist” and unknown both “inside or outside of the Jewish community.” 


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