Blake Masters on Dreamers: “No Citizenship, Ever”

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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

Blake Masters on Dreamers: “No Citizenship, Ever”
PHOENIX — Blake Masters thinks he knows better than the vast majority of Arizona, which supports Dreamers.

Let’s set the record straight: Time and time again, Masters has opposed a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, taking a hardline “no citizenship, ever.”

Why it Matters: 83% of Arizonans — Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike – all support a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, but Blake Masters doesn’t care.

See for yourself: 


[VIDEO] MASTERS: “I think, you know people say, what about the dreamers? And it’s like, sorry. No amnesty for Dreamers,” (Twitter Space, 5/2/22).

Univision Arizona: “I do not agree with rewarding people who broke the laws of this country”: Blake Masters on DACA youth

  • MASTERS: These kids were brought without knowing what was happening. […] However, they should not have access to citizenship.”
  • ADP CHAIR RAQUEL TERÁN: “[Masters is] completely disconnected from the values of Arizonans. And sadly I am not surprised because he has shown who he is. Today he is [inaudible] from his primary he has been very clear that he is not working for the people of Arizona.”
  • REPORTER: “And in Arizona according to a poll from 2021 from the American Business Immigration Coalition, four out of every five voters in Arizona support the legalization for thousands of Dreamers, admitting the group contributes to the economy.”


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