Blake Breakdown: A Week of Military Bashing and Abortion Banning


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Friday, September 16, 2022
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Blake Breakdown: A Week of Military Bashing and Abortion Banning

PHOENIX — Welcome to the latest edition of the ‘Blake Breakdown’ — a weekly roundup of the latest news on Blake Masters, the “fringe,” “extreme,” and “dangerous” Republican nominee for U.S. Senate.

Known for his divisive rhetoric, far-right positions, and Twitter temper tantrums, Masters is a risk Arizonans cannot afford. From now until November 8th, the Arizona Democratic Party’s ‘Blake Breakdown’ is here to help you keep track of the latest reason why he has no business serving in the U.S. Senate.

Here’s what you missed this week:

BLAKE’S NEVER MET AN ABORTION BAN HE DIDN’T LIKE: On Tuesday, Masters got caught telling the truth as he endorsed Senate Republicans’ national abortion ban, saying “of course” he supports it and “hope[s] it passes.” For months, Masters has tried to gaslight Arizonans on his abortion position, scrubbing his campaign website and outright lying to hide his year-long crusade for a federal personhood law that could jail women for seeking crucial health care. We’d say we told you so, but so did he…soooo many times. 

“WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY”: While Blake was busy boosting the GOP’s national abortion ban, his campaign spokesperson was caught tweeting (and later deleting) about how damning the legislation is for their party’s midterm prospects. Meanwhile, when Washington Republicans heard about Blake backing the ban in a state where the vast majority of voters support the right to an abortion, they had two words: “Oy vey.” Our advice? Pick a better candidate and you can avoid the embarrassment.

LOWERING THE BAR TO RAISE THE CASH: Time is money, and Blake Masters is running out of both. Instead of talking to Arizonans about how he’d represent them in Washington, Blake Broke Masters is busy cozying up to his fellow controversial tech bros to score more Silicon Valley cash. On Sunday, Masters was the main attraction at an event hosted by infamous homophobe Keith Rabois and just days later joined other struggling Republican candidates to beg for cash at a Miami fundraiser hosted by donors who had previously defended rape. Clearly, Masters is for sale, and the bad guys are buying.

OUT OF ORDER: Yesterday, Vice News published a rundown of previously unreported comments from Masters where he repeatedly attacked America’s military service members, calling them “totally incompetent” “bozos.” From where we’re sitting, the only clown here is Masters, who hasn’t served a single day in his life and instead owes every ounce of success (read: every Thiel dollar) to the ivory tower to Silicon Valley pipeline. 

BEGGARS CAN’T BE CHOOSERS, WE GUESS?: ⚠️ Warning: Second hand embarrassment incoming. ⚠️ Late Monday night, Kelli Ward and the rest of the AZGOP sent a pathetic letter to Mitch McConnell, begging the Minority Leader to send in his super PAC to save their boy Blake. Right after the primary, Masters went from Zero to One, switching from Mitch-bashing to Mitch-begging real quick, hoping to buy back every vote he loses due to his poor “candidate quality.” 


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