#AZSen Primary Escalates with Latest Intra-Party Fight

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org

#AZSen Primary Escalates with Latest Intra-Party Fight 

McGuire: “Release the Records Now, Mr. Brnovich”
PHOENIX — Earlier this week, the AZ Republic reported that GOP Senate candidate Mick McGuire called on his primary opponent to share information about his settlement with the Arizona State Bar.

In a statement, McGuire called out Brnovich: “Mr. Brnovich wants you to trust him despite the fact the Arizona State Bar determined he needed some ‘undisclosed’ corrective action because of some ‘undisclosed’ misdeeds while serving as the AG.”

As the Republic noted, the ethics complaint and Brnovich’s secretive settlement “raised serious questions about whether [Brnovich] and his office had adequately represented the interests of the state.”

As a reminder: this fight is just the latest in an already “bruising and costly primary” that has seen each primary candidate attack each other repeatedly instead of focusing on the issues that actually matter to our state.

But it also raises real questions about Brnovich’s settlement, which Arizonans deserve answers to. If Brnovich truly believes this decision is a “victory,” he should share the terms of the agreement at once.


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