#AZSEN FEC TAKEAWAYS: Weak Field, Weak Fundraising, Weak AZ GOP

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org

#AZSEN FEC TAKEAWAYS: Weak Field, Weak Fundraising, Weak AZ GOP 
Collectively, the C-List Candidates Barely Scrapped Together $2.5M
PHOENIX — Last Friday, the GOP Senate primary candidates filed their FEC reports and showed nothing but stagnation with all three major candidates entering the general election on relatively equal financial footing.

The opposite of momentum: Collectively and embarrassingly, Brnovich, Lamon, and Masters took in just over $2.5 million — nearly half of which came from Jim Lamon himself. 

  • Mark Brnovich barely broke half a million, taking in just $526,000.
  • Pretty much the only one supporting Jim Lamon is Jim Lamon, who poured another $1 million into his campaign.
  • Good thing Blake Masters has his billionaire benefactor to fall back on because the Thielian acolyte couldn’t quite monetize his Trump bump and only took in $827,000.

The takeaway: GOP donors aren’t running to back any of these “decidedly weak” “lesser-known Republicans” — leaving Republican party leaders nervous ahead of November’s general election against the well-positioned Sen. Mark Kelly – who raised $13.6 million over the same time period.

  • Axios: Senate GOP Fundraising Flop

In Arizona, the leading Republican candidate, Blake Masters, raised just $827,000 in the quarter ($1.58 million cash on hand) to $13.6 million ($24.9 million cash on hand) for Sen. Mark Kelly, the Democratic incumbent.
Another GOP candidate, Jim Lamon, brought in $1.2 million ($1 million of his own).


  • Bloomberg: Democrats Rack Up Big Cash Advantage in Top Senate Battlegrounds

Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona, who raised $13.6 million and spent $12 million in the second quarter, had the widest margin, with $24.9 million in the bank.
That was 12 times as much as the biggest war chest among his potential GOP opponents, who are vying with one another ahead of the state’s Aug. 2 primary.

  • NBC News: Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly Raises $13.6 Million in Second Quarter

Arizona Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly’s campaign says it raised $13.6 million in the second fundraising quarter of 2022, a staggering sum for one of the party’s best fundraisers ahead of a pivotal Senate re-election.


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