AZ Republic: “Will the Real Blake Masters Please Stand Up?”

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Thursday, August 11, 2022
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AZ Republic: “Will the Real Blake Masters Please Stand Up?” 
PHOENIX — Yesterday, the Arizona Republic’s Laurie Roberts penned a column calling out Blake Masters for lying about his dangerous positions now that he’s facing a general election in Arizona.

For over a year, Masters ran as a “fringe” conservative, running to institute a national abortion ban without exceptions and privatize Social Security. Now that he’s won his primary, he’s trying to fool Arizonans by “outright flipping” his position on key issues and lying about his real beliefs.

Just this week, Masters was caught in a “​​flat-out lie” about his relationship with prominent White Nationalist Andrew Torba. From now until November, Arizonans will surely see countless pathetic attempts by Masters to hide his true beliefs — but don’t worry, we’ll be here to call him out every single time.

See below for key excerpts, or read the full column here.

  • With the primary election over, Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters isn’t just moving to the center. He’s outright flipping on several key issues to try to win over moderate voters.
  • This week, he’s in a tiff with Andrew Torba, the founder of Gab, a far-right social media platform that caters to the antisemitic, white nationalist, neo-Nazi crowd. In late July, Torba endorsed Masters, prompting the candidate to respond, “I’ve never heard of this guy and I reject his support.”
  • Yet, Jewish Insider’s Matthew Kassel on Wednesday obtained audio of a nearly three-minute exchange between the two men…
  • In June, Masters wanted to privatize Social Security…We’ve got to cut the knot at some point though, because I’ll tell you what, I’m not going to receive Social Security,” Masters said, during a June 23 candidate forum hosted by FreedomWorks.
  • Locked in crowded Republican primary, Masters chided his opponents who wouldn’t back a national abortion ban… “So I think you do need a federal personhood law,” [Masters said.]
  • “What good is actually winning elections if you don’t do what you promised to do when you get in?” he said, during a Jan. 27 forum in Gilbert.
  • Now that Master must win over those all-important moderate Republican and independent voters? …  What, exactly, is Blake Masters promising?


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