AZ Republic: GOP Senate Rivals Rip Brnovich Over 2020 Election Probe

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,
AZ Republic: GOP Senate Rivals Rip Brnovich Over 2020 Election Probe 
Blake Masters: “He’s going through the motions”

PHOENIX — As the Arizona Republic reported yesterday, Mark Brnovich’s GOP Senate primary opponents are blasting his shamelessly political investigation into the 2020 election, following Trump’s lead and consuming this fractured contest.

All four of Brnovich’s rivals — each shamelessly clinging to baseless election conspiracy theories to nab the Trump endorsement for themselves — have hit Brnovich for his stalled investigation. Jim Lamon has cast him as a “do-nothing attorney general” and Blake Masters believes he has “updated” his position “to where the Republican base is” in an effort to catch up in a primary that is quickly leaving him behind.

These primary attacks spell bad news for Brnovich, who has been trying to weasel his way back into the good graces of Trump and the MAGA wing of the Arizona GOP — something he sees as critical to making it out of this bruising primary.

“Between direct attacks from the ‘kingmaker’ himself and now near-daily attacks from his primary opponents, Brnovich’s Trump problem isn’t going away anytime soon. In a nasty primary where the candidates see a Trump endorsement as a golden ticket to the general election, it’s only a matter of time before Brnovich, a spineless suck-up, falls into line and caves to party pressure yet again,” said ADP spokesperson Hannah Goss.

See below for key takeaways from the piece

 Brnovich’s moves on the 2020 election front are widely seen as key to an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, who maintains popularity with the GOP base and whose support in the crowded GOP race could be decisive in the Aug. 2 primary.
Trump has kept pressure on Brnovich and demanded action to reverse his defeat. In a recent written statement issued through his Save America PAC, Trump said that “People want to know whether or not Attorney General Brnovich is doing the right thing, or is it just politics as usual.”
The attacks on Brnovich by his campaign opponents would seem to confirm sporadic polling on the race that shows he is leading the splintered GOP field. Brnovich, who has been in the public eye since his first statewide win in 2014 to become attorney general, brings name identification to the crowded primary race.

But many voters remain unfamiliar with him, his record or the other contenders who are seeking to dampen his standing with voters.


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