AZ GOP refuse to remove Wendy Rogers, State Senator who promotes ‘Great Replacement Theory’

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Monday, May 16, 2022
Contact: Morgan Dick,

AZ GOP refuse to remove Wendy Rogers, State Senator who promotes ‘Great Replacement Theory’


PHOENIX- Following this weekend’s act of terrorism in Buffalo, New York where a white man murdered 10 people and injured 3 others, and the revelation that the shooter was motivated by racist conspiracy theories pushed by GOP extremist Wendy Rogers, Arizona Senate Democrats called on their Republican colleagues to join them in voting expel Senator Rogers from her elected office. Of the 13 people shot, 11 were Black, and a detailed manifesto was found connected to the shooter that documented his belief in the “Great Replacement Theory” as motivation for the violence. 


Not only was Rogers’ initial reaction to this horrific incident to spew yet another conspiracy that the shooter was a federal agent, but she has a documented history of pushing and defending the racist “Great Replacement Theory.” In March, the Senate took a bipartisan vote to censure Rogers for her involvement with white nationalists, and today by a vote of 24-3 the Arizona Senate voted to hold, yet another, ethics investigation into Roger’s hateful rhetoric. 


Following the Senate vote, ADP Chairwoman Raquel Terán and ADLCC Chairwoman Rebecca Rios released the following statement demanding stronger action: 


“The behavior of Wendy is downright abhorrent, and the fact that she is able to remain an elected official and use her platform to incite violence is unacceptable. Arizona families will not be safe so long as people like Wendy remain in office. The failure of the GOP, Senate President Fann, and Governor Ducey to hold her accountable and take action against her shows that their loyalties lie not with Arizonans, but with violent extremists. Arizona Democrats will not sit idly by and be complacent as Wendy continues to endanger the lives of Arizonans and Americans. Hate has no place in Arizona, and Wendy Rogers has no place in our State Senate.” 


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