As Donald Trump Heads Back to Arizona, Here’s What You Need to Know About His Failed Record

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Friday, January 14, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

As Donald Trump Heads Back to Arizona, Here’s What You Need to Know About His Failed Record
PHOENIX — Ahead of Donald Trump’s event tomorrow in Florence, Arizona Democratic Party Chair Raquel Terán released the following statement:

“Arizonans rejected Donald Trump over a year ago because he failed working families time and again — but still, the disgraced former president can’t seem to stay away. The Arizona GOP have been loyal servants to the defeated former president’s Big Lie, spreading his dangerous conspiracy theories and baseless election lies instead of working to defeat the pandemic and lower costs for hardworking Arizonans.

“While out-of-touch Republicans continue to obsess and lie about the past, Democrats remain laser-focused on the issues that matter — delivering for Arizona families and small businesses, creating jobs, and lowering everyday costs.

“Just one year into his term, President Joe Biden has created a record 6.4 million jobs, led the fastest economic recovery in history, and delivered a bipartisan infrastructure law to rebuild Arizona’s roads and bridges — and that’s exactly why Arizonans voted for President Biden, no matter how many times Donald Trump tells his Big Lie.”

In less than a year, President Joe Biden has delivered what Donald Trump never could:

  • Immediate relief thanks to the passage of the American Rescue Plan, including:
  • An ‘Infrastructure Week’ thanks to the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and: 
  • Robust economic growth that continues to gain momentum, with: 
    • The greatest year of job growth in American history;
    • 6.4 million jobs in one year — that’s nearly as many jobs as Donald Trump created in his first three years in office;
    • An unemployment rate below 4%;
    • Record low jobless claims;
    • rise in small business applications;
    • Cooling pandemic-induced inflation; and
    • Supply chain stabilization.


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