Arizona Seniors, Veterans and Policy Experts Slam Kari Lake’s Unworkable Economic Agenda in Press Conference

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Monday, Oct. 17th, 2022

Contact: Josselyn Berry,

BREAKING: Arizona Seniors, Veterans and Policy Experts Slam Kari Lake’s Unworkable Economic Agenda in Press Conference

Lake’s Ideas Would Increase Costs, Worsen Inflation and Defund Law Enforcement 


PHOENIX — Earlier today Arizona seniors, veterans and policy experts spoke out against the harmful impact that Kari Lake’s barebones unworkable economic agenda would have on retirees and Arizona at large. Kari Lake’s ideas have been widely criticized by policy experts, journalists and even Republicans who say her ideas for the economy and water would increase costs, exacerbate inflation and defund local police and fire departments. 


“Arizona families deserve solutions that make life here more affordable, which is why Arizona retirees, veterans and economic experts are speaking out against Lake’s dangerous ideas that could tank our economy and increase costs for working families,” said Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. 


Here what Arizonans Have to Say About Lake’s Unworkable Ideas: 


David Lujan, nonprofit leader and economic policy expert: “Kari Lake’s economic plan is unworkable and ineffective and her ideas will hurt Arizona families and communities. Just recently, the Republican mayor of Goodyear called Lake’s plan ‘ill-advised’ and said it would have huge negative impacts on public safety. Kari Lake’s economic agenda is as harmful as it is ineffective. That’s why I’m supporting Katie Hobbs. Arizona deserves a leader who understands what ppl are going through right now and wll advance policies that will put more money in people’s pockets.” 


Saundra Cole, Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans President: “Kari Lake’s plan for tackling Arizona’s biggest issues are being condemned by experts and even Republican mayors. With Lake, Arizonans would be paying more for everything and seeing funds for their local police and firefighters would be slashed. As seniors we want to live with dignity and respect. There is no question who is best for Arizona senior citizens–Katie Hobbs.” 


Vic Petersen, retiree and air force veteran: “Seniors rely on prescription medications and sometimes you have to make the decision, are you going to pay for your food or your prescription medication? Kari Lake’s policies would definitely have a drastic effect on seniors.”


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