Arizona Leaders Say Kari Lake’s Support for Banning Abortion Is Too Extreme For Arizona

Thursday, May 16th, 2024

ARIZONA -–  Athena Salman, Director of Arizona Campaigns for Reproductive Freedom for All and Rep. Oscar De Los Santos held a press conference today highlighting Kari Lake’s dangerous anti-abortion record. 

“As Arizonans faced the threat of living through one of the most extreme abortion bans in the country, you had anti-abortion extremist Republicans—including Kari Lake— celebrating the state Supreme Court’s decision reinstating it,” said Athena Salman, Director of Arizona Campaigns for Reproductive Freedom for All. “Don’t fall for her lies and her poorly disguised effort to somehow seem ‘moderate’ on the issue of abortion. I have a message for Kari Lake: you can run from your record all you want, but Arizonans remember.”

“Kari Lake is a part of the Republican effort to end the right to an abortion and reproductive freedom in Arizona and America,” said Rep. Oscar De Los Santos, Assistant Leader of the Arizona House Democrats. “Kari Lake wanted the 1864 ban to go into effect and she said sheriffs should enforce it. At a time when abortion and reproductive rights have been under assault in Arizona and in our nation’s Capital, Arizonans will yet again reject Kari Lake and will not send her to the United States Senate to continue her anti-abortion agenda.” 

Kari Lake has a “clear record on” abortion: she “solidif[ied] her support for Arizona’s total abortion ban and called on county sheriffs to enforce the law once it goes into effect,” says abortion is a “sacrifice, ”an “execution,” “not a medical choice,” “not health care,” calls herself “100% pro-life,” and says abortion is an “execution […] pure and simple.”

To watch Kari Lake’s extreme abortion stances, including praising the 1864 ban, calling for the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and supporting the banning of medication abortion, visit the Lake Tapes

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