Arizona GOP Senate Primary Candidates Have…Florida on Their Minds?

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

Arizona GOP Senate Primary Candidates Have…Florida on Their Minds? 

Why try to win over Arizona voters when the one supporter you want lives in Palm Beach?
PHOENIX — For months, the GOP Senate primary candidates have ignored the real issues facing Arizonans and instead fought each other to pass the primary “purity test” around an election decided nearly two years ago…all in the hope of snagging the golden ticket through this chaotic primary: an endorsement from former President Donald Trump.
And after these candidates filed their underwhelming Q4 FEC reports this week, there’s further proof that they are more focused on Mar-a-Lago than Arizona:

  • Last quarter alone, California tech bro Blake Masters paid nearly $30,000 at Mar-a-Lago to get Trump to join one of his fundraisers where he kissed the ring and cozied up to the “kingmaker” who has refused to endorse in this race.
  • Poor Jim Lamon couldn’t quite get to the endzone (read: spending the night at Mar-a-Lago) and had to settle for a room at a nearby West Palm Beach Doubletree. Don’t worry though – he did manage to stay at the D.C. Trump property over the summer. 
  • And then there’s Mark Brnovich — who, until recently, seemed to be exiled from the Trump world. But after launching a blatantly political investigation into the 2020 election, Trump allowed Brnovich aboard his plane and even let him snag a picture to prove it. It may not be a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser, but Brnovich is sure hoping it’ll help him raise some quick cash.



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