Arizona Democrats Unify Over Shared Vision for Better, More Inclusive Arizona at State Committee Meeting

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Contact: Morgan Dick,

Arizona Democrats Unify Over Shared Vision for Better, More Inclusive Arizona at State Committee Meeting

Arizona Democrats spend morning at doors talking to voters about midterms, then conduct business at State Committee meeting

PHOENIX – This weekend, the Arizona Democratic Party convened a meeting of the State Committee to conduct party business and unite around Democratic values and candidates ahead of the midterm elections. Before the meeting was called to order, Democrats across Arizona hit the pavement and knocked on doors in their communities to speak with, and hear from voters about the midterm elections. ADP, in partnership with Mission for Arizona and county Democratic Parties – had over 300 volunteers on the ground connecting with voters across the state. 

Once the meeting was called to order, State Committee Members and others who joined the meeting heard inspiring remarks from Planned Parenthood of Arizona CEO Brittany Fonteno, and Senator Mark Kelly. Each speaker highlighted the critical importance of Arizona electing Democrats up and down the ballot to help carry not only the state, but the nation in the right direction. 

Attendees also heard from Chairwoman Raquel Terán, who released the following statement at the conclusion of the event: 

“Today, I am feeling inspired, hopeful and ready for the midterm elections. Our State Committee Meetings are critical moments for Democrats to unite and focus our energy and efforts, and last Saturday was no different. As the nation braces for a ‘post-Roe’ reality, Arizona’s voters and elected officials are going to play a crucial role in defending the constitutional rights of our people. And the Democratic Party is ready to fight hard to protect our democracy. Together, Arizona Democrats will build an Arizona where the voters decide the future of this state, not fringe politicians. We will build an Arizona with strong, fully funded public schools, an Arizona where you can have a good paying job to support a family, an Arizona where healthcare is equitable and accessible, and Arizona where a person can access safe and legal abortion services.” 


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