Arizona Democrats Successfully Repeal 1864 Ban

May 1st, 2024
Republicans Stalled Repeal for 22 days 

ARIZONA– Following 22 days since Arizona’s MAGA Republicans rolled the clocks back to 1864, banning abortions with no exceptions for rape or incest, they were caught lying about their long and detailed anti-abortion record, were fundraising in Kentucky on the successful passage of their draconian ban, were caught in their plan to sow misinformation and pull voters away from the abortion access ballot initiative, and repeatedly stalled passage of the repeal at all costs. Today, House and Senate Democrats have successfully passed a bill repealing the 1864 abortion ban. The bill, championed by Representative Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton, will now go to the Governor for signage. 

“This repeal was only possible because of Democrats and with a Democratic majority in the legislature, we would have delivered a repeal on day one– not day 22,” said Arizona Democratic Chairwoman Yolanda Bejarano. “MAGA Republicans have spent the past three weeks lying about their stance on abortion and doing everything in their power to restrict abortion access. While we are proud of this progress, we can’t let up now– the only way to protect our reproductive rights in the future is to win the legislature and the White House in November.”

ADLCC Co-Chair Priya Sundareshan added, “Democrats in the House and Senate delivered the repeal of the 1864 ban, despite Republicans attempts to stall, confuse voters, and lie about their records. Make no mistake, with a Democratic majority in the legislature we would have repealed this ban on day one. We need to flip the legislature so we can codify abortion access and stop Republicans from interfering in our medical decisions ever again.”

Even with today’s successful repeals, Arizonans will begin living under the 1864 abortion ban effective June 27– just three days after the 2-year anniversary of the Dobbs decision. The 1864 ban will stand until 90 days after the close of session, forcing Arizonans to drive an average of 251 miles for abortion care beginning in late June. 

As a reminder, here’s how Arizona’s MAGA Republicans are lying about their long and detailed record of undermining reproductive rights: 

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