Arizona Democrats Reacts to Extremist Republican Shaming Arizonan Women for Wanting Access to Healthcare

Friday, March 8th, 2024 

Borelli displays deeply misogynistic beliefs in comments 

ARIZONA – On the heels of Arizona Republicans refusing to hear “The Right To Contraception Act,” Sen. Sonny Borelli reaffirmed Republicans’ commitment to stalling any legislation to protect contraception by remarking that women should not need contraception, saying “Like I said, Bayer Company invented aspirin. Put it between your knees.”

ADP Chairwoman Yolanda Bejarano: “This is how little MAGA-Republicans care about the issues facing everyday Arizona families. Instead of finding real solutions to real problems, Republicans have chosen to belittle, marginalize and humiliate Arizonans. Let this be a reminder to every voter– Democrats like Katie Hobbs are fighting for our rights while Republicans like Borelli hold our state back. We will work together to make sure Borelli and Arizona far-right Republicans lose in November.”

ADLCC Co-Chair Sen. Priya Sundareshan: “A comment like this from the Arizona Senate Majority Leader is indicative of just how far extreme Republicans have taken us and how little the GOP values women in this state. There are consequences when our elected officials are this extreme. As long as Arizona Republicans are in power, our reproductive freedoms are deeply threatened. For the sake of our families’ futures, we must elect Democrats who will protect our most basic freedoms.”

As a reminder, Arizona Republicans are tirelessly pushing extreme abortion policies. Last April, Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed House Bill 2427 and HB2502, which are examples of the five Rep. Matt Gress sponsored bills establishing a foundation in Arizona law for fetal personhood, opening the door for banning reproductive healthcare services such as IVF and contraception.

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