Arizona Democrats on the Offense to Win in November 

April 2, 2024

Republican Party struggles to fundraise, represent extreme MAGA agenda 

ARIZONA- Arizona Democrats are prepared to win in November, qualifying more candidates on multiple levels of government than in recent history.

“While the Republican Party is obsessed with election denialism and conspiracy theories, the Arizona Democratic Party is helping qualifying candidates up and down the ballot that will move Arizona forward,” said Chairwoman of the Arizona Democratic Party Yolanda Bejarano. “Democrats are competitive in races that are going to determine majorities while Republicans are still struggling to get basic operations off the ground. Now through November, we will be focused on earning the trust of voters around the state and when we win, we will deliver results on the issues Arizonans care about the most: creating good-paying jobs, protecting abortion access, and protecting our democracy.“

Democrats have successfully filed in all 9 congressional districts, at least one Democrat has filed in all 30 legislative districts with a total of 93 candidates filing, Arizona’s Corporation Commission and county offices across the state. The Arizona Democratic Party closed this last quarter with $3,000,000 cash on hand across all projects while at the same time several democratic candidates are reporting incredible fundraising numbers. In strong contrast, the Arizona Republican Party is struggling to raise funds and has since closed its headquarters after months of not being able to pay rent. This follows recent weeks where Donald Trump ditched scheduled visits in Arizona and has failed to start campaign operations in a top swing state this cycle. 

Each of the Democratic candidates offer voters an agenda that contrasts what is being pushed by the GOP— conspiracy theories, extremism and restrictions of our most basic freedoms. Voters can learn more about key issues and initiatives within the Arizona Democratic Party at

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