Arizona Democratic Party on the Fate of Abortion Access in Arizona

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, December 12th, 2023
Contact: Morgan Dick,

Arizona Democratic Party on the Fate of Abortion Access in Arizona 

ARIZONA- Today, the Arizona State Supreme Court began to hear oral arguments on whether or not the state should ban nearly all abortions by reinstating the 1864 territorial ban. Chairwoman of the Arizona Democratic Party, Yolanda Berjano released the following statement: 

“Make no mistake, Arizona Republicans have been relentless in pushing for this ban that existed before we were even a state. This politically motivated attack from extremists will harm families across Arizona and will disproportionately affect people of color and minorities. While the entire state waits for a decision, the Arizona Democratic Party vehemently condemns these attacks on our constitutional rights. This November, Arizonans will make our outrage heard by electing pro-choice Democrats up and down the ballot who will do what Republicans have not; protect our ability to make our own decisions.”



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