Arizona Democratic Party on the 12th Anniversary of DACA 

As Donald Trump promises mass deportations on day one, Joe Biden and Arizona Democrats protect Immigrants and DACA Recipients 

June 14th, 2024
ARIZONA-Ahead of the 12th anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program being announced, Chairwoman of the Arizona Democratic Party and ADLCC Board Chair Senator Sundareshan released the following statements: 

“In the years following the DACA program being announced, Arizona Republicans have tried to destroy the program and bring us back to the “Show me your papers” era,” said Chairwoman of the Arizona Democrartic Party Yolanda Bejarano. “President Biden and Arizona Democrats are steadfast in making the border safe and secure, while protecting those individuals who were brought here and lived their entire lives in Arizona. While MAGA Republicans see the border as an opportunity to play politics, Arizona Democrats are fighting to move our state forward.” 

“Democrats have fought for years to protect Dreamers in Arizona, while Republicans have sought to deport them,” said ADLCC Board Chair Senator Priya Sundareshan. “The majority of DACA recipients have only ever called the United States their home and contribute to our communities, pay taxes, and contribute to our workforce. Republicans who attempt to strip away their protections or criminalize them should be ashamed of themselves. Arizona Democrats are focused on flipping the legislature this year so we can safeguard these critical protections.” 

One of President Biden’s first actions as president was issuing an Executive Order protecting the DACA program. Just last month the Biden-Harris administration expanded access to affordable, quality health care coverage to DACA recipients, removing the prohibition on DACA recipients’ eligibility for Affordable Care Act coverage

In stark contrast, last month, Arizona Republicans in the legislature pushed for HCR 2060, a ballot measure similar to Sheriff Arpaio’s “Show Me Your Papers” laws that would cost the state $40 million, is unconstitutional, and brings back racial profiling. During Donald Trump’s first visit to Arizona in 2 years and after several cancellations, Trump endorsed HCR 2060 and embraced Sheriff Joe Arpaio


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