Arizona Democratic Party on Republicans in the Legislature Stripping Voting Rights

For Immediate Release
Monday, February 12th 2024
Contact: Victoria Opperman,

Arizona Democratic Party on Republicans in the Legislature Stripping Voting Rights

PHOENIX, ARIZONA– The Chairwoman of the Arizona Democratic Party Yolanda Bejarano released the following statement on Arizona Republicans passing multiple bills in the legislature that strip Arizonans of their voting rights.

“While Arizona Democrats are fighting relentlessly to protect the vote and fight for the issues Arizonans care about, local Republicans are continuously finding new ways to take our voting right away. Far-right Republicans in the legislature are attempting to make it harder to vote by banning the use of voting centers, attempting to give the legislature power to pick the President, and making it harder to vote in person. Arizonans understand this is an attempt to undermine our democracy and that’s why Democrats will flip the legislature – allowing Governor Hobbs and Arizona Democrats to deliver real results for Arizonans.”

The Legislature is Stripping Away Voting Rights: 

  • Arizona House Republicans passed HB2547, which would entirely ban the use of voting centers and on-site early voting locations. The legislation limits groups of 1,000 or fewer registered voters to vote at one specific precinct voting location and bars county recorders from establishing on-site early voting locations.
  • State Senator Anthony Kern, a fake elector who attended the January 6th insurrection, introduced SCR 1014, which would give the legislature the authority to reverse the vote of Arizonans by having the legislature appoint presidential electors.


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