Arizona Democratic Party Launches As Republican Warning Signs Flash in Lake’s Race

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Thursday, Sept. 8th, 2022
Contact: Josselyn Berry,

Arizona Democratic Party Launches As Republican Warning Signs Flash in Lake’s Race


PHOENIX– The Arizona Democratic Party is launching a new website,, that compiles top quotes from fellow Republicans on why Kari Lake would be a disaster for Arizona. Featuring quotes from Doug Ducey, Jan Brewer and other top Republicans, it drives home how Lake is incapable of uniting her own party, let alone Arizona. 

See the website here

Lake has been attacking and dividing her own party from day one, calling her fellow Republicans “swamp lords” and “RINOs.” She can’t even earn the endorsement of former Governor Jan Brewer. On a recent radio show, Brewer said that despite her efforts, she and Lake still have not met, and that she was “a little disappointed” that Lake has made no attempts to do so. When asked if she was planning to endorse Lake, Brewer said, “You don’t endorse somebody that doesn’t ask for your endorsement.” 


This comes on the tail of Katie Hobbs announcing a slew of Arizona Republicans who are supporting her campaign over Lake’s, representing the growing community of conservatives who are taking a stand to keep Lake from turning the governor’s office into chaos and lawlessness. Notable Republicans Rebecca Gau and Lisa Hoberg penned an op-ed, “Here’s why Arizona’s Republican women should vote for Hobbs.”  On top of that, recent polling by Fox News shows Lake is deeply unpopular and Republicans and Independent pollsters both continue to raise red flags about Lake’s flailing campaign. 


“With Arizona’s early voting period beginning in just 34 days and Election Day only 61 days away, these warning signs shouldn’t be ignored,” said Josselyn Berry, Spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. “More Arizona Republicans are standing up and saying no to Kari Lake and her dangerous, out-of-touch ideas, while more Independents and Republicans are swinging over to support Katie Hobbs and her plan to tackle Arizona’s pressing issues.”

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