Arizona Democratic Party Joins Call for AZ GOP and Tom Horne to Denounce Known Child Predator

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Monday, August 29, 2022
Contact: Morgan Dick,

Arizona Democratic Party Joins Call for AZ GOP and Tom Horne to Denounce Known Child Predator 


PHOENIX – Today, the Arizona Democratic Party is joining the call from Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, for the Arizona GOP and Republican candidates to condemn and denounce the actions of Tom Horne – who is allowing a known child predator to work on his campaign. Disgraced former public official Tom Horne has enlisted the help of also disgraced former lawmaker David Stringer with his campaign to lead Arizona’s public schools. Stringer, who represented the voters of Legislative District 1, resigned in the Spring of 2019 after an internal House investigation uncovered court documents from the 1980s that Stringer had plead gulity to sex crimes against children. 

Horne has since doubled down on his friendship and political alliance with Stringer, saying he’s “completely innocent of the charges against him” – an unabashed insult to Stringer’s victims and all victims of child sexual assault. 

This news comes on the heels of a despicable tweet from the Arizona GOP, equating Superintendent Kathy Hoffman, a new mom, as a “groomer”. These actions prove what Arizona voters already know to be true – we cannot trust any Republican, let alone Tom Horne, to serve as chief advocate for Arizona’s public schools, students, and teachers. 


“The actions of the Republican Party and Tom Horne make my stomach sick,” said Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Raquel Terán. “I’m joining my friend, Superintendent Hoffman in the call for the AZ GOP, and every single Republican candidate on the ballot to condemn Tom Horne and immediately withdraw their support of him. ” 


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