Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Yolanda Bejarano Statement on Nikki Haley’s Exit from the 2024 Republican Primary 

Wednesday, March 6, 2024 

ARIZONA– Today, Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Yolanda Bejarano reacted to Nikki Haley’s exit from the 2024 Republican Primary, further solidifying Donald Trump’s position as the presumptive Republican nominee: 

“Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda is disastrous for the nation, and Nikki Haley’s defeat further reinforces the Republican Party’s embrace of extremism which directly conflicts with our values as Arizonans. We want to move our state forward by creating more good-paying union jobs, improving our economy, investing in publiceducation, and protecting abortion rights – progress we have seen under President Joe Biden. Now through November, the Arizona Democratic Party is laser-focused on making sure we reelect President Biden and Democrats up and down the ballot so Donald Trump-loyalists like Kari Lake, Juan Ciscomani, David Schweikert, Shawnna Bolick, Justine Wadsack, Rachel Jones and Cory McGarr do not move Arizona backward.”

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