Arizona Democratic Party Calls on RGA To Take Down Offensive, Q-Anon-Linked Ad

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Thursday, August 17th,  2022

Contact: Josselyn Berry,

Arizona Democratic Party Calls on RGA To Take Down Offensive, Q-Anon-Linked Ad

RGA Embraces Kari Lake’s Conspiracy-Fueled Campaign In Ad Featuring Woman Tied to Q-Anon and Stop the Steal


PHOENIX–The RGA has fully entered Kari conspiracy land with its latest ad featuring a Q-Anon and Stop the Steal supporting fake advocate, as reported by the Arizona Mirror. In the ad, Traci Hansen calls herself an “advocate for human trafficking victims” but has “no ties to legitimate groups that combat human trafficking.” She did however participate in a “Q-Anon-adjacent march on the Arizona Capitol” and fundraised for an organization that has “embraced Q-Anon.” 


Hansen attended a Q-Anon-adjacent rally organized by local conspiracy theorist Adel Belgaied, who was one of the “Stop the Steal” organizers. Only a few days ago, Kari Lake appeared in a photo with Belgaied at a Turning Point Action event. This builds on Lake’s long history of embracing the dangerous QAnon conspiracy movement


The RGA is co-chaired by Governor Doug Ducey, who until recently, was attacking Kari Lake on national television, calling her “fake Lake.” Now Ducey’s RGA is happily promoting a Q-Anon-linked Republican who’s misleading Arizonans by claiming she’s an advocate for human trafficking victims. 


“This is just the latest in a string of events that show Kari Lake only surrounds herself with MAGA extremists, conspiracy theorists and grifters. Now the RGA is gleefully joining in with this offensive ad using a Q-Anon disciple who has no legitimate ties to groups that combat human trafficking,” said Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. “This ad is an absurd attack on Katie Hobbs, who has actual experience as a social worker and domestic violence advocate. Human trafficking is a serious issue and this ad is an insult to the real advocates and groups who are fighting to combat it. If the RGA had any sense of decency, they would take the ad down.”

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