Arizona Democratic Party and ADLCC Joint Response to Rural Organizing “2024 Preview Report: 100 Rural Power Building Counties”

For Immediate Release
Friday, June 30th, 2023

Arizona Democratic Party and Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Joint Response to Rural Organizing “2024 Preview Report: 100 Rural Power Building Counties”

ARIZONA – Last month Rural Organizing, an organization that aims to amplify rural issues and progressive candidates, released a 2024 report on the rural counties with the most impact during the 2024 election cycle. In their list of 100 Rural Power Building Counties, Arizona’s Pinal County ranks number one, with six other Arizona rural counties being featured. In listing Arizona so prominently in their report, Rural Organizing states, “Rural voters in Arizona will not only determine the outcome of the Presidential election but also impact both a critical Senate and important House battleground race.”

“Rural Organizing putting seven Arizona counties and ranking Pinal county number one is another reminder of how important rural Arizona is going to be in 2024,” said the chair of the Arizona Democratic Party, Yolanda Bejarano. “The Arizona Democratic Party and the ADLCC understand the importance of rural communities and are prepared to organize and support rural voices as we head into the 2024 election cycle.” 

“Rural counties are crucial in shaping our nation’s and Arizona’s future. Rural communities, including Pinal County, are facing historic threats to elections and multiple attempts to infringe upon their voting freedoms, which undermine our democracy,” said the chair of the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Rep. Jennifer Longdon. “We know that the path to the majority will run right through our rural communities, including Pinal County. Together, alongside dedicated activists and organizers on the ground – we can ensure that Democrats are successful in rural counties and we can flip the legislature in 2024.”


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