Arizona Chamber Forum Offers Reporters Blocked By Kari Lake Rare Chance To Ask Her A Singular Question

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Friday, Sept. 9th, 2022
Contact: Josselyn Berry,
Arizona Chamber Forum Offers Reporters Blocked By Kari Lake Rare Chance To Ask Her A Singular Question

PHOENIX – With the eyes of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry and important local businesses upon her at this week’s gubernatorial forum, Kari Lake made a point to fully abandon her extreme positions, conspiracy theories and affinity for hiding from local press. This blatant attempt to mask her true beliefs did not fool Arizona leaders or small business owners, and it will not fool voters in November.

For months, Lake has been hiding behind her Katie Hobbs-obsessed Twitter account, while prioritizing appearances on white-nationalist podcasts instead of owning up to her fringe “policy” proposals. Lake continues to insult and ignore legitimate media like the “Arizona Repugnant,” as she has dubbed Arizona’s paper of record, and continues her tour of MAGA-friendly interviews with Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, indicted fraudster Stephen Bannon, and right-wing radio hosts James Harris and Garret Lewis.

“Kari Lake is too scared to answer basic questions from legitimate press about her out-of-touch ideas like criminalzing abortion and putting cameras in childrens’ classrooms,’” said Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. “If Lake can’t be honest about her extreme positions, how can we trust her to be honest with Arizonans? Compare that to Katie Hobbs who hit the ground running, touring the state and talking to Arizonans about common sense solutions to the issue we face, like the rising cost of living, our water crisis and funding education.”

See How Lake Has Refused Tough Questions Throughout The Campaign:

Here’s a Sample of the MAGA-friendly Interviews Lake’s Given: 

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