Another Day in 1864: One Week into Arizona’s 1864 Ban & Republicans Inaction

April 16th, 2024 

ARIZONA- It’s been one week since the Ducey-appointed Arizona Supreme Court took Arizona back to 1864 and Arizona Republicans used the week to liefundraise in Kentucky, and take a break from the legislative session

Here’s a recap of Republican “leadership” in the past week: 

  • Rep. David Schweikert has yet again said one thing on twitter and voted another way in Congress. Schweikert said he opposed the court’s decision yet he praised the Republican legislature for passing the 15 week ban, said he was “pleased” by the overturning of Roe, and has co-sponsored the Life at Conception Act 6 times. 
  • Rep. Juan Ciscomani lied last week when he said he always supports a woman’s personal choice. When Juan isn’t running away from Arizonans who ask about his abortion stance he’s voting for legislation like co-sponsoring H.R. 7, legislation that prohibits using government subsidies, including tax credits, to purchase insurance plans that cover abortions, and voting against legislation that would protect women’s access to contraceptives. 
  • Rep. Andy Biggs told reporters he hasn’t had time to read the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision to bring Arizona back to 1864. Biggs introduced the “Abortion Is Not Health Care Act” which prohibits a tax deduction for medical expenses paid for an abortion and defines life starting at conception, called abortion “evil”, signed onto an amicus brief that urges the Supreme Court to ban mifepristone a safe abortion medication, and co-sponsored the Life at Conception Act which bans abortion nationwide and jeopardizes IVF. 
  • Matt Gress voted with the Republican majority so that the House could enter recess and shut down discussion, then he tried to lie about it. When held accountable for his votes, Rep. Gress said, “I don’t remember voting aye ― my (GOP) colleagues would be surprised.” It’s also not surprising that Gress is one of the most pro-life members of the House, sponsoring House Bill 2427 that would have established fetal personhood in Arizona, opening the door for banning reproductive healthcare services such as IVF.
  • Shawna Bolick called for the legislature to find common ground, but joined every Senate Republican in urging voters to refuse to sign the abortion access initiative in Arizona just a few months ago, vowing to introduce anti-abortion legislation including banning abortion at the “moment of conception.”

Ahead of tomorrow’s hearing repealing the 1864 abortion ban, AZ GOP legislators were caught red-handed, planning to pull votes away from the ballot initiative which has gained tremendous grassroots support and to sow confusion among voters so they ultimately vote to enact another ban. Fake elector Anthony Kern also promoted an anti-abortion rally on the Capitol. 

Arizona Democrats are prepared to fight for abortion rights up and down the ticket. To learn more about key initiatives, how to vote or how to support Democrats this election cycle, please visit


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