Another Day in 1864: AZ Republicans Blocked Repeal of 1864 Ban for Years

April 18th, 2024 
Republicans Vote Against Repeal Four Times in Nine Days

ARIZONA– Arizona MAGA Republicans have now voted four times to keep the 1864 abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest, all while lying about their long and detailed anti-abortion record, fundraising in Kentucky on the successful passage of their draconian ban, planning to sow misinformation and pull voters away from the abortion access ballot initiative, and repeatedly stalled passage of the repeal at all costs. The latest lie from Arizona’s MAGA Republicans was championed yesterday by House Speaker Ben Toma: “We do not want to rush this decision.” 

Here are all the times Democrats have advocated and worked towards the repeal of the 1864 ban, each time stalled by Republicans in the majority: 

  • In 2019 amid Donald Trump packing the Supreme Court with Justice Kavanaugh, former Rep. Athena Salman introduced HB2716 which would have repealed the 1864 ban. 
  • In the days after Gov.Ducey and the Republican controlled legislature paved the way for 1864 to be law, Senate and House Democrats were united in calling for Governor Ducey to convene a special session immediately to repeal this ban. 
  • In 2022 former Rep. Athena Salaman introduced HB 2097, which would have repealed the 1864 ban. 

As a reminder, here’s how Arizona’s MAGA Republicans have lied about their long and detailed undermining reproductive rights: 

  • Rep. Matt Gress is one of the most pro-life members of the House, sponsoring House Bill 2427 that would have established fetal personhood in Arizona, opening the door for banning reproductive healthcare services such as IVF.
  • When presented with legislation to repeal the ban, Rep. Matt Gress voted with the Republican majority so that the House entered recess and the discussion was shut down.
  • Rep. Matt Gress again voted with the Republican majority in adjourning session for the day without hearing discussion on the ban repeal. 
  • Rep. Shawnna Bolick joined every Senate Republican in urging voters to refuse to sign the abortion access initiative in Arizona, vowing to introduce anti-abortion legislation including banning abortion at the “moment of conception.”
  • Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borrelli retorted that women should “hold aspirin between their knees,” suggesting that women wouldn’t need access to contraception if they kept a pill bottle between their legs to stop them from having sex.
  • Congressman David Schweikert co-sponsored the Life at Conception Act six times. The Life at Conception Act would ban all abortions and does not exclude IVF treatments in defining “person” as “each and every member of the species homo sapiens at all stages of life, including the moment of fertilization.” 
  • Congressman Juan Ciscomani co-sponsored H.R. 7, legislation that prohibits using government subsidies, including tax credits, to purchase insurance plans that cover abortions. Women who are serving in the military, veterans or covered under Medicaid, as well as federal employees and those covered by the Indian Health Service, would not be able to use their credits to purchase insurance that covers abortions.

Arizona Democrats are prepared to fight for abortion rights up and down the ticket. To learn more about key initiatives, how to vote or how to support Democrats this election cycle, please visit


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