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Monday, Sept. 12th, 2022

Contact: Josselyn Berry,

Welcome to All About Kari, a weekly rundown in the run-up to the general election on every radical and extreme thing Kari Lake says and does.  It can be hard to keep track of tweets, ads and interviews, so we’ve done that for you. Enjoy!


Tweet of the Week

Arizona Democratic Party Launches as Republican Warning Signs Flash in Lake’s Race– The Arizona Democratic Party launched a new website,, that compiles top quotes from fellow Republicans on why Kari Lake would be a disaster for Arizona. Featuring quotes from Doug Ducey, Jan Brewer, and other top Republicans, it drives home how Lake is incapable of uniting her own party, let alone Arizona. This comes on the tail of Katie Hobbs announcing a slew of Arizona Republicans supporting her campaign over Lake’s, representing the growing community of conservatives taking a stand to keep Lake from turning the governor’s office into chaos and lawlessness. Notable Republicans Rebecca Gau and Lisa Hoberg penned an op-ed, “Here’s why Arizona’s Republican women should vote for Hobbs.” On top of that, recent polling by Fox News shows Lake is deeply unpopular and Republicans and Independent pollsters both continue to raise red flags about Lake’s flailing campaign. 


Doctors Come Out Against Lake’s Dangerous Stance on Abortion– In an interview several physicians spoke out against Kari Lake’s dangerous position on abortion that puts Arizonan’s lives at risk. Lakes responded to 12 News saying, “there’s nothing extreme about it.”


Arizona Chamber Forum Offers Reporters Blocked By Kari Lake Rare Chance To Ask Her A Singular Question– With the eyes of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry and important local businesses upon her at this week’s gubernatorial forum, Kari Lake made a point to fully abandon her extreme positions and conspiracy theories. This blatant attempt to mask her true beliefs did not fool Arizona leaders or small business owners, and it will not fool voters in November. Lake continues to insult and ignore legitimate media like the “Arizona Repugnant,” as she has dubbed Arizona’s paper of record, and continues her tour of MAGA-friendly interviews with Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, indicted fraudster Stephen Bannon, and right-wing radio hosts James Harris and Garret Lewis.


Lake Has Refused Basic Questions Throughout The Campaign:

The Arizona Republic reported, “Lake, whose campaign has not answered questions from the Arizona Republic for weeks.”

Chuck Todd on this week’s Meet The Press said that Lake also wiggled her way out giving an interview. Katie Hobbs however did give an interview.

“Lake declined to answer a question from The Arizona Republic seeking clarity on her comments during a forum opposing ‘”terrorists in the environmental movement trying to control our businesses.’” 

When asked for comment on how she criticized student loan forgiveness while having her own PPP loan forgiven, Lake snubbed the Phoenix New Times which said, “The Lake campaign did not respond to numerous New Times requests seeking comment.” 

Lake has repeatedly targeted 12 News reporter Brahm Resnick, including running an ad directly smearing him. 

Lake stormed off the set of an interview with 60 minutes Australia after she was asked if she agreed with Trump that January 6th defendants should get pardoned.

Lake has made it a hallmark of her campaign to smear and attack any non-MAGA media outlet, accusing them of a number of false conspiracy theories.



ICYMI: Former Arizona Governor Refuses To Endorse Kari Lake–Further proof that Kari Lake is incapable of uniting the Arizona GOP was exposed when former Governor Jan Brewer explained how the failed TV news anchor has snubbed her. On the Gaydos and Chad Show, Brewer said that despite her efforts, she and Lake still have not met, and that she was “a little disappointed” that Lake has made no attempts to do so. She went on to say, “She (Lake) sort of indicated she didn’t really want to talk to me, or sit down and discuss some of the issues.” When asked if she was planning to endorse Lake, Brewer said, “You don’t endorse somebody that doesn’t ask for your endorsement.” This comes after Brewer laid out her terms for endorsement that Lake would have to “promise…to prioritize policy and tell the truth about elections.”

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