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Monday, Oct. 2nd, 2022

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Welcome to All About Kari, a weekly rundown in the runup to the general election on every radical and extreme thing Kari Lake says and does.  It can be hard to keep track of tweets, ads and interviews, so we’ve done that for you. Enjoy!

Tweet of the Week

Experts, Republicans Criticize Kari Lake’s Plans that Would Increase Costs, Worsen Inflation and Defund Law Enforcement – Kari Lake is being taken to task by policy experts and even Republicans who say her ideas for the economy and water would increase costs, exacerbate inflation and even defund local city’s police and fire departments.  A 12 News interview out last week features Republican  Goodyear Mayor Joe Pizzilllo, who says Lake’s economic proposal is “ill-advised” and warned that funding for public safety services as well affordable housing could be slashed as a result. Pizzillo said Lake’s plans would “inevitably put [local governments] all in incredibly difficult positions to have to make unintended cuts to police and firefighters across the state, as well as allow for fewer opportunities to support multifamily rental properties.”


What to Look Out For In Kari Lake’s Campaign Finance Report –-Saturday was campaign finance day, which meant Kari Lake’s massive spending sprees and attempts to line the pockets of her family from her campaign coffers will be put on full display again. A quick reminder of what her previous campaign spending revealed:


$150,000 on campaign merchandise, much of which was manufactured in China and Honduras, even though she claims “we’re going to hire Arizonans and we’re going to buy Arizonan products.”

$100,000 at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort throughout her campaign.

$36,000 on lodging, including $1,200 at the Arizona Biltmore, $3,300 at The Westin in Nashville, and nearly $10,000 at the Embassy Suites in Scottsdale.

$33,000 on airfare.

$22,000 on meals.

$3,200 renting out a movie theater in Scottsdale to screen Dinesh D’Souza’s “2,000 Mules” election conspiracy movie.

$200 on a haircut.

Not only all this, Lake’s campaign has enriched her family, giving $2,200 to her husband’s company and $6,000 to her daughter for “consulting.” 


FACT CHECK: Kari Lake Caught Lying About Katie Hobbs to Distract From Her Dangerous Stances on Abortion— Politifact came out with a double hitter on Kari Lake, fact checking her lies and confirming her long and well documented support for Arizona’s abortion bans. In an interview on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Lake repeated her outrageous and false claim that Katie Hobbs supports medical cruelty toward infants. This prompted Politifact to rate Lake’s claim as “mostly false,” saying Lake is “mislead[ing] on [her] opponent’s abortion law vote.”



Since Kari Lake Supports Abortion Bans, Will She Also Support Banning Life-Saving Medication and Convicting Women Who Seek Abortion Care in Other States–Kari Lake has a long and well documented history of supporting any and all abortion bans. As the Arizona Republic reported, “Lake has not budged from her staunch opposition to abortion,” despite a majority of Arizonans supporting access to abortion and it becoming a top issue in this election. Since Kari Lake continues to uphold her hardline stances on abortion,  we think there are a few question she should answer: 

Is she going to withhold state aid from cities like Tucson and Phoenix for refusing to arrest abortion providers?

Will she direct law enforcement to respond and investigate reports of abortions? 

Does she agree life-saving medication should be banned just because it could cause birth defects?

Does she think women should get charged with murder? How long would their prison sentence be? 

How do doctors prove a woman’s life is in danger? Who do they have to get permission from to provide an abortion? The Governor? The Arizona legislature? ADHS?

If Arizona women leave the state to seek abortion care, does Lake think they should face legal penalties when they return?

Kari Lake Calls Members of Her Own Party a “Cavalcade of Losers”  —Kari Lake is still failing to consolidate Republican support for her campaign and now she’s lashing out at the very people she needs to vote for her if she wants to win. In an interview with The Conservative Circus on October 7th, Lake was asked about Liz Cheney and other Republicans supporting Hobbs over Lake. She responded saying, “You know, it’s just a cavalcade of losers….Can you imagine being a Republican who’s rooting for someone like Katie Hobbs?” Lake has also attacked Senator John McCain’s legacy, calling the state’s longtime Republican leader a “loser.” In contrast, an ever growing list of Arizona Republicans are putting country over party to elect Katie Hobbs as the next governor. And everyday, more Republicans are speaking out about their support for Hobbs. 







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