ADVISORY: While Blake Masters Hides, Arizona Leaders Call Out His Support for Nationalizing Arizona’s Newly-Reinstated Pre-Statehood Abortion Ban

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Monday, September 26, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

ADVISORY: While Blake Masters Hides, Arizona Leaders Call Out His Support for Nationalizing Arizona’s Newly-Reinstated Pre-Statehood Abortion Ban

Masters Said He’d Support a National Ban Mirroring Arizona’s 1864 Law Banning Abortion Without Exceptions, Mandating Jail Time for Providers
PHOENIX — TOMORROW at 9 am local time, Arizona leaders will host a press conference to highlight Blake Masters’ dangerous plan to push Arizona’s newly-reinstated 1864 abortion ban on women in all fifty states.

In the three days since a Pima County judge allowed Arizona to enforce the state’s archaic abortion ban that outlaws abortion without exceptions for rape or incest, GOP Senate nominee Blake Masters has been completely silent. But while he does everything he can to avoid the topic, no amount of hiding can erase the fact that Masters has previously said he wants to “go on offense” and take Arizona’s restrictive abortion ban nationwide.

For nearly a year, Masters’ has called to completely ban abortion in America, calling it “demonic” and equating it to “religious sacrifice.” Not only is his position dangerous, it ignores the 87% of Arizona voters who support the right to safe and legal abortion.

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WHAT: Press conference highlighting Blake Masters’ support for nationalizing Arizona’s newly-reinstated pre-statehood abortion ban

WHEN: Tuesday, September 27, at 9:00 – 9:30 am MST


  • Raquel Terán, Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party
  • Dr. Paul Isaacson, Arizona medical provider, OB/GYN
  • Sam Campana, Former Republican Mayor of Scottsdale


Blake Masters has repeatedly called for Republicans to go on offense and institute a federal abortion ban:

  • Washington Post: Asked last year on One America News if he would support a national ban similar to an Arizona law dating back to the 1800s that “bans all abortions,” Masters said yes.
  • HuffPost: “I don’t think it’s enough to return it to the states,” [Masters] added. In 2021, he also called on Congress to pass a personhood law and said support for abortion rights has become “demonic” and likened it to “religious sacrifice.”
  • Arizona Republic: “The federal government needs to step in and say, ‘We recognize life here and no state can permit abortion,’” he told the crowd at a February gathering of the Queen Creek-San Tan Valley Republican Women Club. “That’s what I think playing offense on pro-life looks like.”

This is not the first time Masters has tried to hide his Anti-Arizona abortion position in an effort to trick voters and get elected:

  • NBC News: Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters softened his tone and scrubbed his website’s policy page of tough abortion restrictions Thursday as his party reels from the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade.
  • Arizona Republic: Opinion: Blake Masters quietly scrubbed his website to soften his abortion views. Apparently, he’s figured out he’s not in step with the voters who will decide Arizona’s Senate race.


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