January 13, 2022 Press Releases

ADP Statement on Voting Rights and Abolishing the Filibuster

In response to Senator Sinema’s floor speech on voting rights this afternoon, Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party Raquel Terán issued the following statement:

“As a member of the state legislature, I have seen firsthand the attempts by my Republican colleagues to undermine our sacred right to vote. Last year, the Arizona Democratic Party recognized that we cannot claim to be advocates for civil rights while maintaining the filibuster, which is why we took a strong stance in support of ending the filibuster in order to pass much needed voting rights legislation. We have spent countless hours organizing and listening to the people of Arizona, and what they want is change. This is not a divisive issue, this is about the future of democracy. Without the protection of voting rights, democracy fails. We are disappointed to say the least that Senator Sinema has chosen to protect an antiquated rule over her constituents.”