ADP Statement After Blake Masters “Scrubbed His Website’s Policy Page Of Tough Abortion Restrictions”

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Monday, August 29, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

ADP Statement After Blake Masters “Scrubbed His Website’s Policy Page Of Tough Abortion Restrictions” 
PHOENIX — Last week, a new NBC News report detailed Blake Masters’ decision to “scrub his website” in a desperate attempt to hide his true beliefs on abortion, including his support of a national abortion ban.

Following Masters’ latest attempt to hide his dangerous, out-of-touch position on abortion, ADP spokesperson Hannah Goss released the following statement:

“For over a year, Blake Masters has been crystal clear in his support for a federal law that would ban abortion across this country and could even jail women for seeking essential health care. With Arizonans overwhelmingly opposed to his ideas, it’s no wonder Masters is changing his tune and hiding his true beliefs. Arizonans won’t fall for it.”

See below for a roundup of coverage detailing Masters’ embarrassing (and failed) attempt to hide his abortion position: 
Arizona Republic: Blake Masters’ campaign website replaces stark abortion views with softer message

  • Perhaps most notably, Masters removed a reference calling for “a federal personhood law (ideally a Constitutional amendment) that recognizes that unborn babies are human beings that may not be killed.”
  • In February, Masters said that is his view, though he didn’t say that he was advocating federal law provide protections beginning at conception. “I think you need a federal personhood amendment,” he said at an event in Queen Creek. “You know Congress is going to have a debate about where that is. I’m Catholic. I believe life starts at conception…”

Arizona Republic: (Op-ed): The Blake Masters abortion makeover continues as he quietly scrubs his website

  • Immediately upon winning the Republican primary, Masters began wiggling on abortion, trying to soften his stance to appear in sync with the majority of Arizona voters.
  • Because, what, Masters has seen the error of his ways? Or because he’s seen the polls?

New York Magazine: Blake Masters Huge, Sneaky Flip-Flop on Abortion

  • But if you are Arizona’s GOP Senate nominee, Blake Masters, the candidate backed by Donald Trump and bankrolled by Peter Thiel, you have a different strategy for dealing with the anger of swing voters at your wild-ass posture on abortion: You just blatantly change it.
  • You could argue, I suppose, that Masters’s big if sneaky flip-flop on abortion is a testament to the power of public opinion. But the trouble is, if he actually wins, we know he will have no compunctions about flip-flopping right back.


  • A commercial posted to Masters’ Twitter account today is further evidence of his apparent pivot. In the spot, Masters said, “most people support common-sense regulation around abortion,” and expresses support for bans on “very late term and partial-birth abortions.”
  • A Republican railbird said the commercial puts Masters at odds with Republicans statewide. “This has to be the most pro-choice position by a Republican in recent memory,” the railbird said. “It’s such a drastic flip flop that I wonder if he got whiplash. Masters will now have to explain to Cathi Herrod and fellow statewide candidates why he now supports about 99% of all abortions.”

Jezebel: Arizona Senate Candidate Blake Masters Wants You to Forget His Anti-Abortion Beliefs

  • So why would Masters back away now? Maybe it’s because a pro-abortion ballot measure in Kansas enjoyed a landslide victory this week, thanks to voters. Maybe it’s because one recent poll found that seven in 10 Americans want to vote on abortion, with more than half saying they would vote for legalizing it.
  • Masters doesn’t need to look into a crystal ball to see that being anti-abortion is a political liability in the upcoming midterms. But I would bet my credit card debt that it doesn’t mean his personal views have changed.

HuffPost: Trump-Backed Blake Masters Does Slimy Flip-Flop On Abortion After Winning Primary

  • Masters’ shift comes as many Republican politicians face political consequences for strong anti-abortion views in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate federal abortion protections ― an issue that’s proven powerful for Democratic candidates so far.


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