ADP, MCDP and ADLCC Condemn Top Down Abhorrent Behavior from AZGOP

For Immediate Release
Monday, October 24, 2022
Contact: Morgan Dick,
Arizona Democratic Party, Maricopa County Democratic Party, and Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Condemn Top-Down Abhorrent Behavior from AZGOP

PHOENIX, AZ – Over the past several weeks Republicans up and down the ticket have been making headlines for their displays of poor decision-making and inappropriate behavior. It all starts at the top with AZGOP Chair Kelli Ward, who has dominated the headlines for her role in orchestrating Arizona’s fake electors, being subpoenaed by the January 6th committee, and more recently for scamming her own donors into thinking their donations would be used for the “fraudit.” What follows is a slate of candidates who time and time again show Arizonans their hypocrisy and poor judgment.

  • Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate, Tom Horne solicited work from and then defended a disgraced former lawmaker who plead guilty to paying two children for sex.
  • After public demands for Stringer to denounce Horne, he ultimately came to his senses and started to distance himself, but not before paying Stringer $1400 as a refund for Stringer’s in-kind contribution to Horne’s campaign.
  • Maricopa County Community College Board candidate Randy Kaufman was recently cited for masturbating in his car in a college parking lot across the street from a child care center. He has yet to formally withdraw from his race and the AZGOP has largely remained silent.
  • Supporters for Republican Candidate for Maricopa County Attorney, Rachel Mitchell, authorized racist signs attacking Julie Gunnigle’s campaign manager, Bruce Franks
  • Recently resurfaced photos appear to show Republican State House nominee for Legislative District 9, Mary Ann Mendoza appearing in black and brown face. All three Republicans candidates running in Legislative District have remained silent on these photos and refused to condemn them.

“As Arizona voters are casting their ballots, they need to see the true colors of the Arizona Republican Party. The good news for voters though? They are terrible at hiding it,” said ADP spokesperson Morgan Dick. “Under the stewardship of Kelli Ward, the Republican Party of Arizona has become a representation of what happens when people consistently throw out morals for a shot at power.”


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