ADP and ADLCC Statement on Continued Attacks on Voting Rights and Passage of HB 2492

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Contact: Morgan Dick,
ADP and ADLCC Statement on Continued Attacks on Voting Rights and Passage of HB 2492

PHOENIX – Yet again, free and fair elections are under unconstitutional attacks in Arizona by legislative Republicans and Governor Doug Ducey. Despite being warned by their own attorneys, Republican lawmakers unanimously passed HB 2492 and Governor Ducey signed the bill into law today.

Like many of the proposed election bills making their way through the state legislature, HB 2494 is illegal, based in dangerous conspiracy theories, and places a significant burden on Arizona voters. HB 2492 is blatantly unconstitutional and will certainly cost Arizona taxpayers too much money in unnecessary lawsuits.

Chairwoman of the Arizona Democratic Party Raquel Terán released the following statement upon the signing of HB 2492: 

“Let us be extremely clear – it is no mistake that instead of negotiating with Democrats on issues that matter most to Arizonans, Republicans continue to propose solutions to problems that do not exist. Legislative Democrats are ready to address the affordable housing crisis, find ways to ensure every child has an opportunity to succeed at their public school and secure Arizona’s water future — but Republicans refuse to meet us on these ideas. Instead, Governor Ducey and his colleagues in the legislature continue to prioritize unconstitutional bills undermining the freedoms they claim to hold so dear.”


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