A FEW DOLLARS, NO SENSE: What to Know Ahead of Tonight’s #AZSen FEC Deadline

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Friday, July 15, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org

A FEW DOLLARS, NO SENSE: What to Know Ahead of Tonight’s #AZSen FEC Deadline 
PHOENIX — Today marks the second quarter FEC filing deadline. This is the quarterly event where GOP Senate primary candidates open their books, reveal who is bankrolling their campaigns, and disclose how they’re spending their cash – a process designed to increase transparency and which Blake Masters equated to “Kristallnacht.”
Anyways…back to what you need to know about this quarter’s FEC reports: 

  • None of the candidates have reported their fundraising numbers yet…which is not a particularly promising sign for their war chests.
  • Last quarter, the field barely raised $2.5 million from individuals — a weak haul for a “decidedly weak” field.

What to look for in the field’s reports:

  • How many millions of dollars did Jim Lamon loan himself to compensate for his paltry grassroots support?
  • Will Mark Brnovich break $500,000?
  • Did Blake Masters get a Trump bump via his bank account, or will his bad habit of spouting dangerous rhetoric keep his candidacy from really taking off?
  • Did Jim Lamon buy any more endorsements?
  • Did Blake Masters find any more billionaires to back him?
  • Are National Republicans still pretending these “lesser-known Republicans” don’t exist?


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