October 11, 2022 Press Releases

Tucson Daily Star: “Why Did Masters Turn His Back on His Community?”

TUCSON — On Saturday, the Tucson Daily Star — Blake Masters’ hometown paper — published a scathing letter signed by 75 of Masters’ former classmates, teachers, and alumni of his tight-knit high school condemning the “dangerous politician” Masters has become. 

The signees warned their fellow Tucsonans that Masters would “lead Arizona down a dark, dystopian path,” citing his “extremist ideology” and history of “attacking veterans, calling abortion ‘demonic,’ being endorsed by Neo-Nazis, blaming gun violence on ‘Black people, frankly.’”

See below for key excerpts, or read the complete letter here:

  • The Blake we knew was a bright teenager ready to debate but never one to cross the line. Blake was always ambitious, but he was also kind. The Blake we see today is barely recognizable.

  • He peddles extremist ideology — attacking veterans, calling abortion “demonic,” being endorsed by Neo-Nazis, blaming gun violence on “Black people, frankly,” and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He also belittles those who don’t share his views, and it’s clear Blake will lead Arizona down a dark, dystopian path.

  • He is a man who gave up everything — his friends, his community, his values, and his integrity — all in pursuit of power, position, and prestige.

  • We are deeply grieved to see the Blake we knew for two decades become the dangerous politician he is today. He is beholden to a power-hungry billionaire and his radical ideology.

  • He wants to outlaw abortion nationally, privatize Social Security, and rip away the fundamental rights of others — women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community.

  • We cannot sit idly by while his dishonesty, his selfishness, and his hateful, divisive rhetoric become the voice of Arizona in the U. S. Senate. The person Blake has become represents an unprincipled rejection of the way we all grew up in Arizona, and at Green Fields.

  • His threat reaches beyond a single school, beyond a single city — it jeopardizes every Arizonan. We owe it to Arizona not to elect Blake Masters.