October 11, 2022 Press Releases

Kari Falls Flat on Her Face During Face the Nation Interview

For Lake, “True Choices” Means Forcing Victims of Rape or Incest to Carry A Pregnancy to Term


PHOENIX–Kari Lake struggled to face her extreme stances on Face the Nation Sunday for a trainwreck of an interview where she said that “true choice” for women is either keeping a baby or putting it up for adoption, with no other choice. “I’m for giving women true choices,” Lake said on CBS’ Face the Nation. In Kari Lake’s Arizona, even women who are victims of rape or incest would not have the “true choice” to seek an abortion. 


Lake has long supported the 1901 ban on abortion, which has no exceptions for rape or incest and requires prison time for doctors and has since doubled down on her support for any and all bans on abortion. During the Face the Nation trainwreck, Lake yet again appeared to stand by any and all bans by swearing that she will “uphold the law” on abortion.  


Let’s Take a Look At Kari Lake’s Long Record on Abortion: