June 30, 2020 Press Releases

Will McSally Back A Stronger Provision To Defend The A-10?

Will Martha McSally Back Stronger A-10 Defense Provision?

U.S. Rep. Gallego is warning about “loopholes” in the Senate NDAA’s McSally-backed A-10 provision 

PHOENIX — Will U.S. Sen. Martha McSally support a stronger defense of the A-10 program? That’s the question today, after U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego yesterday told the Arizona Republic he is “disappointed to see loopholes in the Senate’s version” of the National Defense Authorization Act’s A-10 provision that came out of McSally’s committee.

Via the Arizona Republic:

The Senate version prohibits the defense secretary from being able to “divest or retire any A-10 aircraft.” The House version says none of the Pentagon’s money “may be obligated or expended to retire, prepare to retire, or place in storage or on backup aircraft inventory status any A-10 aircraft.” Gallego said his proposed language would offer even more protection against efforts by the Pentagon.

Will McSally ditch her version and back stronger language to defend the A-10? Or will McSally stand by her version’s “loopholes” that could lead to “mothballed aircraft,” as Gallego put it?