August 22, 2018 Press Releases

Will Doug Ducey Snub Donald Trump at Upcoming Phoenix Rally?

PHOENIX — Doug Ducey will have another chance to decide whether or not to snub Donald Trump ahead of November’s election.

The Arizona Republic reported Tuesday night that Donald Trump will hold a rally for Arizona Republicans following next week’s primary.

This follows a news report from earlier in the day that Doug Ducey refused to say whether he would seek Donald Trump’s endorsement for his own re-election bid.

If Ducey refuses to appear with Donald Trump, it wouldn’t be the first time he has done so.

  • November 2017: According to the Arizona Daily Star, “Facing re-election next year, Gov. Doug Ducey won’t say whether he wants the help of the nation’s chief executive.”
  • August 2017: According to the Guardian, “Doug Ducey, once an outspoken champion of Trump, had no plans to attend the rally in Phoenix, his spokesman told the Arizona Republic newspaper.”

“Doug Ducey will take photos with the most extreme figures in the Republican Party to help him through the primary but then distances himself from the head of the GOP when he appears in Arizona,” said Les Braswell, spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party.  “Doug Ducey is trying to pretend he’s in the mainstream, but his record as governor – particularly when it comes to underfunding education – show he’s embraced the most right-wing policies.”

Ducey had earlier garnered backlash for appearing with the extremist group Patriot Movement AZ.