July 20, 2021 Press Releases

Which GOP Senate Candidate Will Kiss Up to Trump the Most Ahead of His AZ Visit?

PHOENIX — On Saturday, former President Trump is coming to Phoenix where he’ll likely continue spreading dangerous lies and conspiracies around the validity of the 2020 election and the ongoing Maricopa County so-called “audit.”

Because this entire primary has centered around Trump, there’s no doubt each of these candidates will continue trying to outdo each other to prove who is most loyal to the former president – even when that means opposing a bipartisan infrastructure plan and COVID relief, wanting to gut protections for pre-existing conditions, and supporting this sham of an “audit.”

(Of course, “lackluster” Brnovich is probably just hoping Trump doesn’t remember his name when he walks onto that stage.)

In the week ahead, Arizonans will be watching this chaotic and messy primary to see which candidate will go the furthest.

ADP Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer released the following statement:

“Each and every GOP Senate primary candidate has tailored their campaign towards an audience of one. So it’s to be expected that ahead of President Trump’s visit, the primary field will take extra steps to prove they care more about earning his support than Arizonans’. The only question that remains is: which candidate will go the farthest to sell out Arizonans to try and earn Trump’s support?”