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Identification–make sure it’s not expired!

Option #1: Something with your photo, name, and current address.

  • Think: Arizona driver’s license.

OR Option #2: Two things with your name and current address.

    • Think: A utility bill (from the past 90 days), a bank statement (from the past 90 days), vehicle registration, something marked “official election mail.”

Remember: You can show an “Option #2” ID on your phone.

OR Option #3: One document with your photo and name (no address or an old address) + one document with your name and current address.

  • Think: A driver’s license with an old address + a bank statement with your current address.
  • Think: A passport (no address) + a utility bill.
  • Think: A military ID (no address) + your vehicle registration.

OR Option #4: Native American voters can show an ID that just has their name.

  • Think: Certificate of Indian Blood; tribal enrollment card; grazing permit.

Remember: If you’re voting before Election Day, no need for ID!

Remember: If you can’t find ID on Election Day, don’t worry.  Go to your polling place, ask for a “conditional provisional” ballot, and come back within a week with your ID.

Other things you should bring:

Your PEVL ballot:  If you got a ballot in the mail, you can bring it to any polling place in the county on Election Day.  Skip the line, and don’t worry about showing ID.

Remember:  You can only bring someone else’s ballot to the polling place if you’re a family member, caregiver, or household member.

Anything you want! A sample ballot, research, candidate literature, your AZ Dems T-shirt

Anyone you want! Your kids, someone to translate, someone to help you get into the polling place…

Questions? Call 1-833-AZ-VOTES

Let’s move Arizona forward.