July 16, 2021 Press Releases

What They’re Saying: Arizona Mayors Call on Congress to Pass Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

For once, will Reps. Gosar, Biggs, Schweikert, and Lesko listen?

PHOENIX –– Arizona’s mayors—Democrat and Republican alike—are calling on Congress to pass President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, a $1.2 trillion investment that will create jobs, grow our economy, reduce climate pollution, and make life better for millions of Arizonans.

To recap: 

  • Just weeks ago, a group of Republican and Democratic senators ironed out a deal on what would be the largest long-term investment in our nation’s infrastructure in nearly a century. 
  • Earlier this week, seven Arizona mayors signed a letter in support of the framework, writing that it “will help make our economy more sustainable, resilient, and just.”
  • Mayors Romero and Gallego touted the potential for a game-changing Tucson-Phoenix passenger rail service line funded by the framework.
  • On Wednesday, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego met with President Biden and VP Harris to discuss how the deal addresses years of “massive underinvestment” in Arizona’s infrastructure.
  • Yesterday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg met with mayors from across the Valley to highlight how the package would make “generational” investments in local transit options such as the light rail.

As local mayors, GOP voters, and two dozen business and labor groups all signal support for the deal, it’s far past time that Reps. Biggs, Gosar, Lesko, and Schweikert tell their constituents where they stand on this once-in-a-generation investment in Arizona’s infrastructure.

Here’s how mayors across Arizona feel about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework: 

“Infrastructure and transportation are bipartisan issues. I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Bipartisan Infrastructure legislation that we’re seeing in our nation’s capital—that is the way things get done in our community and in our country.” — John Giles, Mayor of Mesa

“Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, we have an incredible opportunity to make investments that will have a sustained impact for current and future generations of Tucsonans. In Tucson, we hope to use these funds to build a state-of-the-art Bus-Rapid-Transit line, which will increase mobility, reduce our carbon footprint, and spur economic activity. We can also fund projects that will have a regional and statewide impact, including a new passenger rail line between Tucson and Phoenix.” — Regina Romero, Mayor of Tucson

“Our cities need comprehensive investments in roads, transit systems, and water services. Building the city of tomorrow also requires us to think beyond traditional infrastructure, with the future’s needs demanding we invest in clean energy, universal broadband access, and building up our resiliency to the extreme temperatures we are already experiencing. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework recognizes that local decision-makers understand best how to confront these issues because it will provide the resources that allow cities like Tempe to uniquely address these issues while strengthening our economy.” — Corey Woods, Mayor of Tempe

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is a much-needed investment into our community that will increase our resiliency to wildfires and floods, improve broadband access, and help our tribal neighbors have clean water. It is critical for our nation’s future.” — Paul Deasy, Mayor of Flagstaff

“I strongly support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework. For decades, Arizona and the nation has seen firsthand the consequences of massive underinvestment–longer commute times, extreme weather events, and increased home energy costs. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address these issues and to invest in our future. I applaud Congress and the Administration’s work to develop this framework, which would provide the largest investment in public transit, resilience, water, and clean energy in history.” — Kate Gallego, Mayor of Phoenix