November 22, 2021 Media, Press Releases

WHAT THEY’RE READING: Sec. Buttigieg and Biden Admin Deliver Infrastructure Money for Now and Later

Democrats deliver $158M in funds now, $7B+ in funds down the road
PHOENIX — Last Friday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited Arizona to celebrate President Biden’s new Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and highlight the benefits of infrastructure innovation in a booming state like Arizona. Despite the overwhelming popularity of the historic infrastructure package, every single Arizona Republican tried to block the over $7 billion in funding that Arizonans will see down the road — and folks across the state are reading all about it.

Where we’re at: Sec. Buttigieg delivers a $158M federal transit grant to fund “crucial” light rail expansion now.

  • Cronkite News: “This grant will provide 39% of the total $401 million price tag for the expansion, which will extend the light rail system by 1.6 miles and connect it to the Metrocenter from its current endpoint at 19th and Dunlap avenues…‘What we see is a community identifying transportation needs, developing smart solutions,’ Buttigieg said, ‘standing up for its values and investing local dollars in these projects.’”
  • Arizona Republic: “Valley Metro CEO Smith said the 1.6 mile extension may seem short but has a huge impact because of where it goes. It connects the west and east side of Interstate 17 and has helped boost the prospect of the mall being redeveloped, providing not just ‘a new life but a great new life,’ he said.”
  • FOX Phoenix: “‘I think it’s going to be beneficial to all of us union carpenters, myself and my crew, so lots of good stuff,’ said Carpenter Foreman Russell Reitz.”

Where we’re going: Sec. Buttigieg touts Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law as “the most transformational investment in infrastructure in generations,” highlighting the over $7B in funding that will build an Arizona for the future.

  • Arizona Republic: “‘While in a lot of the parts in the country the story is about crumbling and dated infrastructure, I have to say in Arizona it’s about getting ready for the implications of the growth that we see happening and doing what we can to sustain it,’ Buttigieg said.”
  • Cronkite News: “‘Folks in every corner of our state are going to benefit from this law,’ Kelly said. ‘The bipartisan infrastructure bill is going to upgrade our roads, and bridges, and ports of entry, and water infrastructure, things we really need.’”
  • CBS Phoenix: “The Democrats highlighted how the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will impact and help to upgrade American airports, with $25 billion in investments for aviation infrastructure. ‘This airport is our economic engine in the City of Phoenix,’ said Gallego. ‘This infrastructure bill will help us take it to the next level.’”
  • Associated Press: “From the new bill, Arizona is expected to automatically receive at least $7.9 billion….”