November 16, 2021 Press Releases

WHAT THEY’RE READING: Biden Signs Historic Infrastructure Bill and Delivers for Arizona to the Tune of $6B+

We’ll call it what it is: Biden’s infrastructure package is a win for every single Arizonan, except our four House Republicans who opposed it
PHOENIX — After President Joe Biden signed his historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law yesterday, Arizonans across the state are reading about how he’s going to build back Arizona with over $6 billion to invest in our roads, bridges, broadband, transit, water, and more.

The once-in-a-generation victory is no thanks to Arizona House Republicans who, as we know all too well, seem to be categorically opposed to getting anything done in Washington and voted against the legislation — despite 60 percent of their own voting base supporting the package.

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FOX Phoenix: What is the bipartisan infrastructure bill’s impact on Arizona’s communities?

Some organizations around the Phoenix area, like Valley Metro, are already making plans for when the funds roll out. It’s hoping to add more electric buses, expand the light rail system and replace aging equipment.
“So these monies will enable us to do the things we were planning on doing but simply didn’t have the funds to do it,” said Scott Smith, CEO of Valley Metro.
The plan also allocates critical money to tribal lands to improve drinking water, create roads, and expand broadband.
$5 billion of Pres. Biden’s new infrastructure bill will go to Arizona for new projects such as roads, bridges and other transportation needs.
Overall, officials tell us the agreement will impact just about everyone in our state one way or another. It covers everything from water issues to broadband internet for Native American communities.
Internet, roads and waterways; oh my! Here’s what the Biden administration’s infrastructure bill will bring to the Grand Canyon State.
A good portion of that money is coming to Arizona to help fund highway improvement projects, public transportation, and our water systems.
Another big project: Closing the digital divide. One hundred million dollars will go towards expanding affordable, high-speed internet access to families and businesses across our state.
Arizona lawmakers joined hundreds on the White House lawn Monday as President Joe Biden signed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that includes billions of dollars for road, transit, environmental cleanup and other projects in the state.
Romero was upbeat, calling it a “historic occasion, not just for the presidency of President Biden, but also for our nation.”
“This legislation is a big boost for Arizona’s transit and roads, and will modernize our ports of entry, improve our aging water infrastructure, and bring much-needed internet connectivity to our rural and tribal communities.
Most importantly, this bill is going to bring high-paying jobs to our state and ensure that it remains the best place to live, work and grow,” stated Senator Kelly.
“There’s no such thing as a Republican or Democrat pothole,” Mesa Mayor John Giles, a Republican, who was invited to the infrastructure bill signing at the White House.
Besides the improvements to Gateway, Giles says expanding Mesa will receive infrastructure funding on a variety of projects ranging from upgrading roads to expanding water treatment facilities and providing electric car charging stations.
“We’re taking a break right now and saying okay, government can get something done,” Giles said.
“My message to the American people is this: America is moving again and your life is going to change for the better,” Biden said.
The signing included governors and mayors of both parties, such as Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and Mesa Mayor John Giles, and labor and business leaders.
President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill is spending billions to increase the reach of broadband internet.
The FCC said about 41% of Americans living on Tribal lands—about 1.6 million people—don’t have access to high-speed internet as of 2016. President Biden’s infrastructure bill will push $65 billion dollars for increasing and improving broadband around the nation.
The package, which delivers key components of Biden’s agenda, makes historic investments in the nation’s deteriorating roads, bridges, airports, water systems and ports-of-entry, and will expand access to broadband internet in urban centers and far-flung areas of the state and across the nation left behind in the 21st century.
Biden hailed the legislation’s passage as crucial to maintaining America’s standing in the world.
“Our infrastructure used to be rated the best in the world. Now, according to the World Economic Forum, we rank 13th in the world. Well, that’s about to change. Things are going to turn around in a big way,” Biden said. “For example, because of this law, next year will be the first year in 20 years American infrastructure investment will grow faster than China’s.”