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WATCH: 1 Year Later, 5 Reasons Arizonans Still Can’t Trust Martha McSally

WATCH: 1 Year Later, 5 Reasons Arizonans Still Can’t Trust Martha McSally

One year after McSally’s 2019 swearing in, Arizonans have only seen more proof that she cannot be trusted to fight for our state in Washington

PHOENIX — Commemorating the one-year anniversary of unelected U.S. Sen. Martha McSally‘s 2019 swearing in, the Arizona Democratic Party today released a new video highlighting 5 reasons Arizonans can’t trust Martha McSally.

Since her appointment, Martha McSally has continued working for her corporate interest backers and party leaders at the expense of people here in Arizona — further proving that she can’t be trusted to put Arizonans first in Congress.

Here are 5 reasons Arizonans can’t trust McSally, based on her actions, words, and votes over the past year:

5. Avoided Questions. In 2019, McSally received national and local media attention for ducking basic questions and avoiding accountability.

4. Broke Campaign Finance Laws. In 2019, McSally was forced to return $120,000 in illegal campaign contributions from the 2018 Senate race. Then, she was fined 2 separate times for 2014 campaign finance law violations, including for taking $319,000 in illegal, excessive contributions.

3. Let Trump Raid Fort Huachuca Funding. In 2019, McSally voted three times to let Trump raid $30 million from a military construction project at Arizona’s Fort Huachuca. Then, still defending the raidshe broke her promise to restore the funding.

2. Attacked Pre-Existing Condition Coverage. In 2019, McSally voted to protect an expansion of “junk” plans that the AARP opposes because “they charge older Americans higher premiums; don’t cover emergency room visits, maternity care, nor prescription drug costs; the plans also don’t include coverage for pre-existing conditions.”

1. Doubled Down on Voting to Spike Health Care Costs and Gut Coverage Protections. In 2019, McSally doubled down on her long record of voting to increase health care costs and gut coverage protections, calling it “fake news” that she’d changed her position.