October 29, 2020 Press Releases

Trump’s GOTV Message For McSally

Trump’s GOTV Message For Martha McSally:
Arizonans “Don’t Want To Hear” From You

PHOENIX — Yesterday, Martha McSally spent the day campaigning with Donald Trump — underscoring her support for his anti-pre-existing condition coverage agenda and his coronavirus failures.

In return for her steadfast support, Trump publicly slammed McSally on stage in Goodyear, suggesting a continued desire to distance himself from her lagging campaign: “You got one minute. One minute, Martha! They don’t want to hear this, Martha. Come on, let’s go. Quick, quick, quick, quick.”

Watch and read the coverage:

KTVK-TV: Trump “seems to tell [McSally] the crowd doesn’t want to hear from her.”

  • “Listen here to the way the president introduced Senator Martha McSally. He seems to tell her the crowd doesn’t want to hear from her, creating a bit of an awkward moment.”

KPNX-TV: “Now, you would expect the president to spotlight Martha McSally… But there was a very awkward moment.”

  • “Now, you would expect the president to spotlight Martha McSally… But there was a very awkward moment… Listen, here, as the president says, ‘They’ — meaning the crowd — ‘don’t want to hear this, Martha”

CNN: Trump at Arizona rally: “They don’t want to hear this, Martha”

  • “He wasn’t doing her any favors, no?”

  • “I saw that. I thought it was not the greatest way to treat the Senator in her state.”

MSNBC: Trump at Arizona rally: “They don’t want to hear this, Martha”

  • “Remember, this is a woman who has signed over — as have many members of the U.S. Senate […]  to Trump and Trumpism. She is fighting for her political life — in return  for this.”

Arizona Republic: Laurie Roberts: Trump’s disrespect of Sen. Martha McSally was painful to watch

  • “Trump’s puzzling treatment of McSally follows another awkward moment earlier this month. During a Tucson rally, Trump heaped praise on state GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward, who in 2018 lost a three-way GOP Senate primary.”

  • “It’s baffling that Trump would treat McSally almost as an annoyance in her own state, at a time when she is fighting for every vote.”

  • “[M]aybe he’s seen her poll numbers.”

Phoenix New Times: Watch Trump Humiliate Martha McSally at Today’s Goodyear Rally

  • “As such, one might think Trump would be campaigning hard for the politically vulnerable McSally while visiting her home state. But that is not what it looked like today!”

Arizona Republic: Elvia Diaz: Sen. Martha McSally is toast after Trump berated her. But what about Trump’s other hacks?

  • “McSally has been trailing in the polls but Wednesday’s humiliation is the last nail in the coffin of her campaign to keep the Senate seat she lost in the first place.”

NBC News: ‘Quick, quick, quick’: Trump rushes McSally at rally as she fights to hold her Senate seat

  • “President Donald Trump offered a not-very warm welcome to Sen. Martha McSally on Wednesday at his campaign rally in Arizona, where his fellow Republican is fighting to hold on to her seat.”

Fox News: Trump gives Arizona’s McSally ‘one minute’ onstage during rally as she lags in polls

  • “President Trump allowed Sen. Martha McSally some stage time during his rally in Goodyear, Ariz., on Wednesday, but told her to make it ‘quick.’”

New York Times: At his second Arizona rally, Trump boasts of his re-election prospects and seeks to discredit Miles Taylor.

  • “The state is also critical to the political future of Senator Martha McSally, who is trailing in the polls to her Democratic challenger, Mark Kelly. But Mr. Trump barely ceded his stage to her. ‘You’ve got one minute,’ he told her as she approached the crowd to give her closing pitch. ‘They don’t want to hear this.’”

Talking Points Memo: Trump Rushes McSally At AZ Rally: ‘They Don’t Want To Hear This, Martha’

  • “After going through the motions of saying she was ‘respected by everybody’ and ‘great,’ Trump rushed a breathless McSally to the stage in Goodyear, Arizona for truncated remarks.”

The Independent: Trump rushes struggling GOP senator at rally: ‘You got one minute, they don’t want to hear this’

  • “[T]he president’s own tone was less than respectful, as he ordered the senator up onto the stage and told her she had “one minute” to speak.”