September 14, 2020 Press Releases

Trump Latino Rally: Few Latinos, but QAnon Supporters Front and Center

Trump Latino Rally: Few Latinos, but QAnon Supporters Front and Center

Prominent Latina Columnist Raises Questions About Trump’s Latino Outreach

QAnon Supporters At Trump’s AZ GOP Office, Trump’s Latino Roundtable Event; QAnon Conspiracy Alleges a Cabal of Satan-Worshipping Pedophiles Plotting Against Trump

PHOENIX — Much to the chagrin of his own party, Donald Trump has openly embraced the QAnon conspiracy theory, a baseless and cult-like allegation that Satan-worshipping pedophiles are plotting to bring down Trump. The FBI has warned that the conspiracy theory, which has already been linked to violent acts, is a potential domestic terror threat.

Now, as a result of his welcoming embrace of the dangerous conspiracy theory, Arizona Trump supporters, including the Arizona Republican Party itself, are openly embracing QAnon.

At least one QAnon supporter was spotted at Trump’s Latinos for Trump roundtable in Phoenix today. A QAnon supporter was also captured by news cameras inside an AZ Republican Party office volunteering for Trump.

Sources: Arizona Republic; ABC15 Newscast on 9/13/20

Today’s event may be billed as a Latinos for Trump event; but seeing a QAnon supporter and few Latinos in attendance, Arizona Republic columnist Elvia Diaz tweeted, “Pues, ¿dónde están los #Latinos por #Trump?” (translation: “Well, where are the Latinos for Trump?”). Event attendees were reportedly “largely white and not wearing masks or keeping social distance.”


Source: Arizona Republic Columnist Elvia Diaz

Last week, the Arizona Republican Party posted a video supporting congressional candidate and self-described QAnon follower Daniel Wood. According to Media Matters, “AZGOP state chair Kelli Ward told him that ‘you are a man after my own heart’ and encouraged people to volunteer and contribute to his campaign.”

In response, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Tyler Cherry released the following statement:

“According to reports on the ground, Trump’s Latino roundtable today has seen few actual Latino supporters, but has featured QAnon conspiracy theorists and is filled with maskless rallygoers. The QAnon conspiracy might be nonsense, but it’s proven to be dangerous and should be flatly rejected. The FBI has labeled the QAnon movement as a potential domestic terrorist threat, given that it has already been linked to violence. Trump and Republicans should spend more time helping Arizonans suffering from the pandemic and its economic fallout instead of embracing fringe ideas that have no place in our social or political discourse.”