May 22, 2020 Press Releases

Trump and Republicans Leave Latinx Families And Small Businesses Behind, Oppose Ongoing Efforts To Provide Relief

PHOENIX – According to a nationwide poll, about half of low-income Latino households and just as many Latino-owned businesses said they have not received any support from the colossal COVID-19 relief bills.

The survey included residents of several states including Arizona. It found 48% of Latino households making under $25,000 did not receive any support. The same was true for small Latino-owned businesses, half of which reported not being able to receive loans under the original stimulus bill.

To make matters worse, Latinos have been among the hardest hit by the job losses, with a staggering 18.9% unemployed nationwide.

The Democratic-controlled House acted last week by passing the HEROES Act, a $3 trillion coronavirus relief package crafted by Democrats that would include another round of stimulus payments of up to $1,200 per person. Recent polls show that Latinos overwhelmingly support the inclusive measures in the HEROES Act.

But Arizona’s Republican Congressional Representatives all voted no and President Trump this week declared the proposal was “Dead on Arrival.”

Latinx small businesses are a major contributor to Arizona’s economy and right now they are hurting,” said Matt Grodsky, Arizona Democratic Party spokesman, “But instead of providing ongoing assistance to struggling Americans, Trump and Republicans are content on slow-walking relief and playing political games.”