May 6, 2020 Press Releases

Timeline: McSally Touts “Inadequate” Tribal Funding She Let Stall

Timeline: Martha McSally Touts Partial Release Of “Inadequate” Tribal Funding She Let Trump Block For Weeks

PHOENIX — On Tuesday, the Gila River Indian Community’s Gov. Stephen Lewis called on Donald Trump and Martha McSally to stop blocking critical relief funding for tribal governments, adding that the current funding of “$8 billion is going to be woefully inadequate” to properly support Indian Country. Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez has likewise spoken out against the Trump administration’s move to keep blocking the funding, calling it “shameful.”

But that didn’t stop McSally from yesterday boasting that she “went to the mat for Arizona’s native communities” — even as the Trump administration withholds 40% of the already-“inadequate” $8 billion that tribal governments are owed.

Over the past two months, McSally has consistently failed to advocate for tribal communities, while the Trump administration opposed and then blocked critical relief funding:

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  • “[R]ather than distribute the full $8 billion to communities that have been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of the Treasury only plans to send $4.8 billion to Indian nations at this time.”

  • “[T]ribal leaders, while eager to start receiving the funds they were promised weeks ago, aren’t losing sight of the bigger picture. Governor Stephen Roe Lewis of the Gila River Indian Community thanked Trump for releasing the funds yet said it wasn’t enough to honor the U.S. government’s trust and treaty obligations.”

  • “‘We need to have flexible guidance to allow us to use the funds we receive to keep our governments running, Mr. President,’ Lewis added. ‘And the current fund of $8 billion is going to be woefully inadequate to meet our overall needs.’”

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